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Origin of the Asocio Nova Familio Association

The association Asocio Nova Familio (=ANF) was founded in 2009 and received its official name in 2018.

Aim and area of activity of the ANF

We are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Goma, in an area where gang warfare has been going on for over 20 years.

(For background information see Political and historical background).

ANF currently protects and cares for about 205 children (March 2021) whose parents were killed during the wars.

The orphans need school fees, food, clothes, school materials and last but not least a home:

A house for all of them together, which we dream of being able to build or buy one day. As long as we don't have an orphanage, the children have to live in host families.  This is difficult for everyone, as the host families often have many children of their own and have also adopted the children of murdered relatives. Therefore, our orphans often have to sleep on the bare floor or even on sharp stones without a mattress or blanket. Therefore, we very much hope to find funds for our own orphanage in the future (see Projects).


We are now raising money to send the children to government schools and give them an education in the first place: In Goma, the state does not pay for education, so the families themselves have to pay for the schools themselves. Each school can decide for itself how much money to charge, and this leads to a very difficult situation for our orphans.

The schools our orphans go to charge per year for a child

  • 110 € for primary school
  • 200 € for secondary school
  • 525 € for university

How to send money:

  • PayPal: cifrankatt-online.de

  • germana bank acount:

Betti Maul, GLS-Bank: BIC: GENODEM1GLS; IBAN: DE 04 4306 0967 8215 8214 00 georfoj


The ANF also carries out various projects, such as celebrating International Women's Day. We plan to buy a minibus to transport the children who have a very long way to school and plan to earn money the rest of the time using the bus as a taxi among other things.

How donations are used:

Every Euro that is donated goes directly to the ANF association and is used for the current needs of the children and the costs of the association.  

(For more projects, see the Projects page)

Esperanto brings joy

The children are also learning Esperanto. Here is a message from their teacher:

"Dear all, I have been an Esperanto teacher of many orphans since 2004. Esperanto gives them something positive in their everyday life and more opportunities in life. My former/former students can already speak fluent Esperanto. The children learn and love Esperanto because it is a beautiful and simple language that unites human hearts, brings peace and makes friendships possible. In recent years, several people have helped us a lot (including Pastor Dulio Magnani [IT], Hans Bakker [NL] and Giovanni Daminelli [IT], who have unfortunately passed away). In addition to all the people who are helping us now, we urgently need new supporters - to be able to continue sending the children to school, to give them food and clothes and to continue our projects. All within reason, of course. We are infinitely grateful for every little help! With warm regards from Goma Augustin"

More information about the ANF:

Presentation during the Reta Novjaro (Virtual New Year's Meeting)2020-2021, which we dedicated to the orphans of the ANF (in Esperanto): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNpPFK4VTVc(link is external)

Festival Courier No. 12 (Festivala kuriero numero 12 - in Esperanto): https://revuoesperanto.org/images/kuriero12_preta.pdf

Article about the ANF (in Esperanto): https://notinghamo.wordpress.com/2020/10/06/georfoj-en-kongolando-tomanjo/

Videos on YouTube: https://mallonge.net/5v



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